Simple Present vs Present Progressive

Tedd a zárójelben lévő szavakat a megfelelő alakba!

1. Shhh. The baby (sleep) .

2. The baby (sleep) for ten hours every night.

3. Right now I’m in class. I (sit) at my desk.

4. I usually (sit) at the same desk in class every year.

5. Peter (speak) English.

6. English is his native language, but right now he (speak) Hungarian.

7. (it, rain) a lot in the summer in Hungary?

8. No, the weather (be) usually warm and sunny.

9. Look out the window. (it, rain) ? Should I take my umbrella?

10. Look! It’s Adam. He (walk) out of the bakery.

11. Jennifer usually (walk) to work.

12. (walk, you) to work every day, too?